Rapid Prototyping

Reduce Prototype Iterations From Weeks to Hours

The benefits of using additive manufacturing for prototyping were some of the first to be realized. During that age of Additive 1.0, manufacturers learned that they could skip the lengthy lead times and costly tool changes during initial iterations and accepted it despite its limitations. Additive 2.0 introduced rapid prototyping where manufacturers can use technology like the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE™) 3D Printer to reduce the time to prototype to a few hours instead of days and instead of iterating with ABS or PA, they can design with the end-use material.


Essentium part

Reduce Time-to-Prototype

Instead of waiting overnight for prototypes to print, iterate through rounds of designs in a single day. 

Essentium part

Access Broad Material Portfolio

Prevent late-stage design changes and use end-use materials to create prototypes that behave and look like the final part. 

Essentium Part

Receive Informed Feedback on Iterations

Gather real-time feedback on prints rather than blind designing on desktop printers. 

Recommended Materials

Essentium ABS MG94

Essentium ABS MG94 filament made with SABIC CYCOLACTM MG94 resin is a premium grade of ABS designed for high speed prints with excellent surface finish and balanced mechanical properties.

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Essentium HTN

Essentium HTN (high-temperature nylon) is a polyamide-based chemistry that has improved mechanical and thermal properties compared to standard nylons.

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Essentium PCTG

Essentium PCTG is an easy-to-use material with incredible surface finish, superior toughness, and chemical resistance – use it just like PETG.

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Recommended Machines

Essentium Printers


The HSE 280i HT 3D Printer is the first industrial 3D printer equipped with true independent dual extruders, giving users the ability to print support for parts with complex geometries.

Essentium Printers


At five-15x faster than the competition, HSE 180 3D Printing Platform is ideal for iterating and producing prototypes that will keep up with the speed of production.


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