Essentium TPU 90A Flame Retardant


Essentium Flame Retardant TPU 90A has been engineered to have the perfect balance of elasticity and toughness. This filament exhibits excellent interlayer adhesion and high strain at break; the base resin is UL94 V0 certified for flame retardancy and printed samples pass FAA FAR 25.853(a) 12 and 60 second vertical flame tests for 1/16” and 1/4” thickness. Our TPU 90A FR filament is perfect for a print that needs inherent flame retardant properties with flexibility, grip, and abrasion resistance. Use this material to make flexible hinges, belts, plugs, gaskets, protective cases, overgrips, wheels, vibration dampeners, energy-absorbing lattices, and so much more.

TDS: Essentium TPU 90A FR

SDS: Essentium TPU 90A FR