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Ensuring customer success through education and outstanding service is paramount at Essentium, Inc. From installation to development, our team of engineers strives to establish a relationship with customers to deliver tailored training and support based on their specific business needs.


Our global team of training and field service engineers will set you up for success with expert installation and foundational training.

Guided Online Training 

Leading up to printer delivery, customers are given a foundation of information to supplement face-to-face training. 





Installation Services 

Upon arrival, our team of field service engineers will ensure that your 3D printer is set up and ready to start delivering your ROI. 





Face-to-Face Training 

Training options are available to help you succeed. Small group onsite training at your location, or larger groups held at Essentium, Inc. HQ. 


“Anytime we encounter an issue at Delta Faucet Company, we recognize that other competitors are most likely facing the same problem, and it is a race to figure out the solution. We are successful because we are willing to take risks, and finding a partner like Essentium who listens and won’t give up until they help us find the right solution allows us to continue to push barriers and win the race.”  

John Gray | Advanced Manufacturing Engineer | Delta Faucet Company 



Your HSE 3D Printer is designed to start delivering your ROI right away. Our global team of field service engineers can help troubleshoot issues, avoid potential downtime with preventative maintenance, and assist with onsite service or repair if needed. 

Remote Troubleshooting  

Trained field service engineers get you up and running without the need for an onsite visit. 




Preventative Maintenance 

Routine maintenance ensures that your printer will run at peak performance. 




Onsite Repair  

Our global team of field service engineers are ready to assist with any onsite repairs. 


“Essentium’s service and support team is exceptional. No matter the issue, they respond promptly to requests and provide solutions. If we have a standard request, their user-friendly web portal allows us to upload photos and use drop-down boxes to find quick answers. Whenever we have run into a more complex issue, the Essentium team doesn’t hesitate to hop on the phone or send a field service engineer to our facility. No matter the issue, we feel comfortable reaching out because we know we will be assisted by a team that is friendly, speedy, and helpful.  

Madison Jones | Engineering & Design Lead | Safe Tech Inc.



Essentium’s application engineers are ready to assist as you develop applications, incorporate new materials, and introduce additive to your operations. 

Part Development Support 

During development, our application engineers can augment or assist with your internal part development efforts. 




Site Survey 

A personalized site survey can uncover new opportunities for additive applications across your operations. 


“The partnership approach at Essentium has allowed us to receive proper training, get technical support quickly, and has led to revelations of applications and potential opportunities that we wouldn’t have thought of. We have been successful thus far, and I do not doubt that we will continue to be successful into the future.”

John Rolando | USMO Senior Manufacturing Engineering Manager | Mercury Systems


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