3D Printing for Consumer Products

Embrace Mass Customization With Additive Manufacturing

While traditional injection molding remains king for the mass production of consumer goods, an increase in demand for custom products has uncovered an urgent need for mass customization Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE™) 3D Printing Platform has the power to keep pace with traditional manufacturing methods while creating highly customized, commercial-grade parts without impacting quality, strength, or performance.


As the industry’s most advanced high-speed extrusion system for scale manufacturing of commercial-grade functional parts, Essentium's HSE 3D Printing Platform and material offerings are designed to reduce your time time-to-market.

Essentium has the industry’s best and broadest material portfolio that features filaments with excellent surface finish like Essentium PCTG, ESD-safe materials such as Essentium HTN-Z, and flexible filaments like Essentium TPU 58D AS. This wide range of industrial-grade materials makes any application achievable whether it's one-off, low-volume, or mass production.

Recommended Machines

Essentium Printers


The HSE 280i HT 3D Printer is the only system with truly independent dual extruders. Use Support Mode to print complex geometries for production or end-use parts.

Essentium Printers


Essentium's lowest temperature system gives consumer goods manufacturers the speed to print at scale at temperatures optimal for the industry

Recommended Materials

Essentium PA-CF

Essentium PA-CF is a carbon fiber-infused polyamide filament specially formulated for additive manufacturing. Essentium PA-CF provides exceptional strength, durability, thermal stability, and stiffness that is customary of carbon fiber materials, and is readily printable with a wide processing window, providing a highly accessible engineering-grade solution or open platform and even open-air printers.

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Why Essentium?

Speed to market is critical to capitalize on the next hot trend. Additive manufacturing expands your design possibilities while reducing turnaround time whether prototyping, making molds, producing end-use parts or the total package. Are you a manufacturer of identical parts for multiple supply chains? Quickly and easily differentiate brands for each channel. Do you make products or apparel emblazoned with team or company logos? Execute short runs with the same speed and profitability as injection molding. Are you a third party aftermarket parts supplier? Ensure a perfect fit and optimal alignment with accurate prototyping. The Essentium HSE 180 3D Printing Platform is built for reliability at scale so you can make the mold or make the parts – it's your choice. A wide range of filament materials transform any application through 3D printing whether it's one-off, low volume or mass production.


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