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Decreasing Time-to-Market With Additive Manufacturing

The Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE™) 3D Printing Platform is disrupting every aspect of the factory floor. It is the world’s most comprehensive full-stack advanced manufacturing system, offering high-performance machines and materials that allow you to scale, enhance QA processes, and reduce the need for finished good warehousing. The HSE 3D Printing Platform allows contract manufacturers to execute production runs on-demand with high-performance materials at the lowest possible cost.


As a category creator in additive manufacturing, the HSE 3D Printer solves the speed, strength, and scale issues that have historically limited additive manufacturing solutions. Using all-linear servo motors, the HSE 3D Printing Platform eliminates wasted movement allowing it to reach speeds of up to 500 mm/sec. This system is optimized for industrial production and performs to the level required in the most demanding contract manufacturing environments.

With the industry’s best and broadest material offering and the most advanced high speed extrusion system for scale manufacturing of commercial-grade functional parts, Essentium solutions are ready to deliver the speed and reliability at scale to keep your next job on time and budget.

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Recommended Machines

Essentium Printers


For production orders with quick turnarounds, double your print speed with the HSE 280i HT 3D Printer. Using Copy Mode, manufacturers can print two parts at once.

Essentium Printers


Complete with a build volume that fits 85% of the world’s jigs and fixtures, the HSE 180•ST 3D Printer can print large parts with speed and strength.

Recommended Materials

Essentium ABS MG94

Essentium ABS MG94 filament made with SABIC CYCOLACTM MG94 resin is a premium grade of ABS designed for high speed prints with excellent surface finish and balanced mechanical properties.

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Essentium’s TPU 58D-AS is an industry-first ESD safe and anti-static 58D Shore hardness thermoplastic polyurethane filament that is available in a variety of colors.

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Essentium PA-CF

Essentium PA-CF is a carbon fiber-infused polyamide filament specially formulated for additive manufacturing. Essentium PA-CF provides exceptional strength, durability, thermal stability, and stiffness that is customary of carbon fiber materials, and is readily printable with a wide processing window, providing a highly accessible engineering-grade solution or open platform and even open-air printers.

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