Designing for High Speed Extrusion Webinar Part I

While the use of additive manufacturing in an industry landscape is on the rise, a roadblock remains for apprehensive companies to begin utilizing the unique technology. This can be attributed to two main setbacks: print time and print quality. These setbacks can be addressed in a few ways, but the largest is ensuring that the desired part is designed to print fast and look good. Currently, there exists various principals for designing for additive manufacturing. There also exists design principles which can allow for printing fast with high quality. This webinar will cover not only principles for design for additive, but also design techniques to increase printing speed and material throughput, allowing for the possibility of faster print times without sacrificing quality or repeatability. By the end of the webinar, you will have the tools in your toolbox to confidently begin using FFF additive to achieve relevant and competitive print times with parts that look great coming off the printer.

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