Nirup Nagabandi


Nirup Nagabandi is the VP of Materials and Process Engineering at Essentium. He is responsible for all things related to materials and process development at Essentium. As VP of Materials Engineering and Process Engineering, Nirup has fueled Essentium’s growth by implementing an industry-leading quality program, charting new strategic partnerships in the USA and Europe, revenue diversification, process innovation, and business consolidation. Meanwhile, he continues to engage with all team members on technical problems daily to provide guidance and mentorship. Nirup also helps Essentium’s government business in writing proposals to executing them at the highest level possible with his team.

Nirup holds a Ph.D in Materials Engineering from Texas A&M and a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT, Madras, India. Nirup enjoys gardening, cooking, and spending time with family and friends in his free time. He is cheerful and always ready to strike up a conversation about work, life, and family. Nirup is a results-driven leader passionate about tackling complex technical, strategic, commercial, or operational challenges. His expertise spans various domains, and he is committed to bringing value to organizations by leveraging technology and innovation.

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