Kevin Holder


Kevin serves as the Vice President of Government Operations at Essentium, leveraging his background and expertise to support Essentium’s government initiatives and programs. With over seven years of dedicated service to the company and a track record that includes roles such as Chief of Staff and Senior Director of Government Programs, Kevin has consistently demonstrated his ability to bridge communication between top management and the executive team. His strategic insight, analytical skills, and operations management expertise have played a pivotal role in securing and managing government-funded contracts, ensuring financial stability, and driving the strategic vision for government initiatives. Kevin’s diverse skill set, including political intelligence and team motivation, uniquely positions him to lead the company’s government operations to new heights, making him an invaluable asset in his role.

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the same. Kevin holds several pending patents and has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. Beyond his professional endeavors, Kevin is a strong advocate for work-life balance. He enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, fostering a balanced and fulfilling life beyond his role at Essentium. His commitment to both personal and professional excellence is a testament to his well-rounded approach to leadership.

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