Forbes: A Look How This Texas Startup Is Helping The Air Force Use 3D Printing To Replace Parts

| The Essentium Team


A Texas-based startup with $22.1 M in funding helps the U.S. Air Force 3D print replacement parts. Elisa Teipel, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer and Co-founder of Essentium said that more than 10,000 replacement part requests are delayed or unfilled each year despite a willingness to pay premium prices.

“The supply chains, in many cases, are simply not there. The average age of aircraft in the U.S. Air Force is over 28 years. In some cases, the service is still flying models much older – like the B-52, roughly 60 years old – and the original manufacturers are no longer in business,” added Teipel. “Where the supply chain for critical equipment is faltering, additive manufacturing can step in with speed, strength, growing scale and flexibility.”

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