Forbes: 3D Printed Prosthetics? These Two Companies Have Partnered to do Just That

| The Essentium Team


The field of prosthetics fabrication is a unique mixture of art and science.

“I’ve spoken with prosthetists who were cabinetmaker, artisans,” said Blake Teipel, co-founder and CEO of Essentium, Inc., a 3D printer and materials manufacturer in Pflugerville, Texas. “On the other side are the academic clinicians, from schools like Baylor.” (The Baylor College of Medicine hosts one of the country’s top programs for orthotics and prosthetics.) The academics have driven vast improvements in prosthetic function in recent years, while the artisans help guarantee the all-important fit to the remainder of the limb that’s being replaced. Now 3-D printing is helping with both sides of the equation.

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