Essentium Research Highlights Positive Impact of 3D Printing on Reducing Carbon Emissions

| The Essentium Team


Essentium, Inc., a worldwide leader in industrial additive manufacturing (AM), today announced findings from independent research showcasing the positive impact of 3D printing on reducing carbon emissions. As companies grapple with supply chain challenges, a growing number are adopting sustainable manufacturing approaches, including recyclable materials, reduced energy consumption, and more.

The research, commissioned by Essentium, reveals that 94% of manufacturers are actively engaged in initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, with 53% reporting mature and strategic programs in place.

The study highlights that 86% of manufacturers with carbon reduction initiatives report positive impacts from this technology. Manufacturers cite numerous benefits, including reduced waste (40%), shorter supply chains (36%), elimination or minimization of overruns (33%), decreased carbon footprint for parts transportation (31%), lower overall carbon emissions (30%), streamlined logistics requirements (28%), and optimized storage footprints (27%).

The study further reveals that almost all [98%] of manufacturers consider 3D printing vital for their carbon reduction initiatives, underscoring the significant role this technology plays in driving positive environmental change.

“This research highlights the 3D printing’s capacity to manufacture products in a much more eco-friendly way,” said Nirup Nagabandi, Ph.D., Vice President of Materials and Process Engineering, Essentium. “Specifically, we are working with customers and partners to transform the manufacturing industry by enabling efficient production methods that reduce waste, cut energy consumption, and eliminate transportation emissions. That’s the exciting and sustainable vision of 3D printing.”

The inherent advantages of 3D printing enable manufacturers to achieve these sustainable outcomes. By leveraging additive manufacturing techniques, companies can significantly reduce material waste compared to traditional subtractive processes. Furthermore, localized production through 3D printing reduces reliance on complex supply chains, leading to decreased transportation requirements and overall carbon emissions.

The findings of this research highlight the pivotal role of 3D printing in supporting carbon reduction initiatives. Essentium remains committed to driving innovation in additive manufacturing and empowering manufacturers to enhance operational efficiency while contributing to a greener future.

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Essentium, Inc. provides industrial 3D printing solutions that are disrupting traditional manufacturing processes by bringing product strength and production speed together, at scale, with a no-compromise engineering material set. Essentium manufactures and delivers innovative industrial 3D printers and materials, enabling the world’s top manufacturers to bridge the gap between 3D printing and machining and embrace the future of additive manufacturing. Essentium, Inc. is AS9100 certified and ITAR registered.

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