3DPrint.com: Essentium CEO Discusses High Speed 3D Printing’s Rapid Rise at RAPID+TCT 2021

| The Essentium Team


With high-speed, high-temperature FFF 3D printing now a reality, Teipel explained that the company aims to tackle other issues associated with 3D printing, as well—namely Z-axis weakness.

Essentium, Inc. is one of the fastest developing startups in the fused filament fabrication (FFF) space, in that it is quickly rolling out advanced technology while also growing beyond the FFF space. At RAPID + TCT 2021 and on the heels of its acquisition of Collider, the company showcased the latest addition to its high speed extrusion (HSE) line, the HSE 280i HT. To learn more about Essenitum’s quick take off and stellar trajectory, we spoke to CEO Blake Teipel.

Founded in 2013 with an initial focus on materials and overcoming Z-axis weakness in FFF, Essentium got up and running quickly.

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