Essentium and Vorum Exclusive Partnership Delivers Complete 3D Printing Solution for Global Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) Market

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Essentium + Vorum enables a SurePathTM transition to 3D orthotics and prosthetics at ground-breaking economics without compromise on speed or quality

Austin, Texas, January 29, 2020 — Essentium, Inc., a leading global provider of 3D printing solutions for manufacturing industries, and Vorum, a world leader in CAD/CAM processes for the global O&P market, today announced an exclusive global partnership. The partnership will deliver Essentium + Vorum, a 3D Print Solution for O&P customers worldwide that offers practitioners a SurePathTM to success for the production of mass-customized O&P devices at speed and scale. It also provides a proven transition methodology including proof of concept mapped to individual customer business goals, design, deployment path, training, installation and support.

Until now, the absence of a reliable 3D printing platform and the lack of materials able to produce O&P devices of optimal strength and weight have been a major barrier to health organizations establishing 3D printing O&P devices. The Essentium + Vorum exclusive global partnership eliminates these barriers. The partnership brings together the Essentium High-Speed Extrusion (HSETM) 3D Printing Platform and materials with Vorum’s O&P CAD/CAM solutions and SurePathTM methodology. With 30 years of experience in O&P digital processes, Vorum developed SurePathTM to provide O&P clinicians with a proven approach for 3D printing implementation, training and support.

This program’s commitment to intentional and tailored goal-setting and tracking will help O&P practitioners make a swift and successful transition from plaster-casting methods to 3D printing in any O&P production setting. It removes the risk, complexity and economic barriers of transitioning from legacy O&P production to 3D production. By delivering the benefits of scale, speed, reliability and mass-customization, it will give O&P practitioners more time to focus on patient health, and patient access to the most advanced O&P devices available.

Supporting Quotes:
Carl Saunders, CEO and Founder, Vorum: “Our partnership with Essentium means we can offer O&P customers the confidence that they will have the device they desire every time they print. We know that practitioners don’t want to waste their time with experimental technology – they want to know that their investment in a 3D print solution will deliver the best devices for their patients. With our SurePathTM solution, we know that what Vorum can provide in collaboration with Essentium is a trusted end-to-end solution for the digital design and manufacture of orthotics and prosthetics that have the ability to improve people’s lives.”

Blake Teipel, CEO and Co-Founder, Essentium: “Our ground-breaking 3D printing platform combined with Vorum’s expertise will not only help O&P customers embrace a faster, more efficient method for producing custom-made orthotics and prosthetics, but the medical devices will also be produced with high quality and durability. Together we are re-writing the business and production model for O&P professionals that bring profoundly important mobility and independence to their patients.”
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About Essentium
Essentium, Inc. provides industrial 3D printing solutions that are disrupting traditional manufacturing processes by bringing product strength and production speed together, at scale, with a no-compromise engineering material set. Essentium manufactures and delivers innovative industrial 3D printers and materials enabling the world’s top manufacturers to bridge the gap between 3D printing and machining and embrace the future of additive manufacturing.

About Vorum
Vorum is the world’s most trusted provider of end-to-end digital solutions for the O&P market. Every 65 seconds, somewhere in the world, a patient is fitted with a device made using Vorum technology. 30 years on, Vorum continues to help practitioners make the best custom O&P devices through consistent innovation, breadth of design capability, and unparalleled support through its SurePathTM to Success program.

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