3D Printing Media Network: Essentium Supplies Over 60K 3D Printed Face Masks to State of Texas

| The Essentium Team


Despite the fact that many businesses and cities are reopening around the world, the threat of COVID-19 remains. This means that in order for things to reopen as safely as possible, the process needs to be gradual and reinforced with special measures, such as social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE). The State of Texas is one region that is taking these precautions into account, and it is reportedly utilizing 3D printing resources to ensure that PPE production is sustained.

Essentium, a Texas-based 3D printing company, has already supplied over 60,000 3D printed face mask kits to the State of Texas. These kits consists of a reusable 3D printed mask frame made from Essentium PA, as well as replaceable, ASTM-certified filters. According to the company, its 3D printed face mask kits represent the equivalent of between 1.9 and 3.8 million individual masks.

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