3D Adept Media: Essentium Says its IDEX-based 280i HT 3D Printer is Five to 15x Faster Than Competitive Offerings

| The Essentium Team


Essentium is challenging the market of independent dual extrusion system (IDEX) with a new 3D printer: the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSETM) 280i HT 3D Printer. Designed and developed to meet the requests of the factory floor, the 3D printer manufacturer claims this solution would be five to 15x faster than competitive offerings – A thought for BCN3D that also provides IDEX-based 3D printers.

With print speeds of over 500 mm/s, the industrial 3D printer would leverage a non-slip, high torque extrusion system with all linear servo motors. Furthermore, unlike most 3D printers that rely on a heated build chamber, the HSE 280i HT 3D Printer has been built with a multimodal heating method. The latter can heat the part and remove the need to wait for the chamber to heat up to start printing.

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