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Essentium offers a range of entry-level, general-purpose materials with a good balance of strength, stiffness and utility at a low price point. These materials are excellent for prototyping, room temperature fixtures, and basic consumer and industrial parts. ​ 


  • Easy to print, ambient or low chamber temperature​. 
  • Moderate tensile strength up to 45 MPa​ 
  • Good starting point before finding more advanced material​. 


Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart


 Essentium ABS MG94 filament made with SABIC CYCOLACTM MG94 resin is a premium grade of ABS filament with good mechanical properties, easy high-speed printing, and excellent surface finish. This material has a wider print temperature window and superior flow properties compared to standard ABS filaments. Essentium ABS MG94 filament is great for functional parts, jigs & fixtures, and thin wall applications. 


More rugged for outdoor use but susceptible to flexing during printing. 

  • Brackets: 
  • Light fixture for outside use: 
  • Outdoor furniture: 
  • Tool holders 
  • Jigs and fixtures 
  • Prototypes 
  • Automotive ducting 
  • Project enclosures 
Comparison Chart


 Essentium PCTG is a workhorse printing material with a wide print temperature window and excellent balance of properties. It is a drop-in substitute for PETG with superior toughness and chemical resistance. Use Essentium PCTG for anything from jigs and fixtures to orthotic devices and you’ll see why it’s a favorite material to print with! 

Essentium PCTG is third-party independently certified to meet ISO 10993 and US FDA guidance for intact skin surface devices. It was found to be non-contact sensitive, non-cytotoxic, and non-irritant, enabling O&P clinicians to use O&P devices that require long-term skin contact. 


Cheap alternative that can be used to print fast. Black PCTG looks the nicest and clear PCTG will allow you to visually see imperfections in your print. Don’t use for high pressure parts; PCTG is brittle and can shatter under stress. 

  • Test socket for prosthetics. 
  • Temporary and handled tools. 
  • General prototyping. 
  • Gauges. 
  • Location fixtures. 
  • General assembly fixtures. 
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Essentium PA (Nylon) is a 6/66 co-polymer formulated with BASF for exceptional toughness and durability. It has a good blend of mechanical properties and chemical resistance at an affordable price. 

For superior toughness, soak printed parts in water for ~24 hours after printing. 


         Flexible capability gives this material a unique format. 

  • Foot orthotic 
  • Gears. 
  • Mechanisms. 
  • Low-friction bearings. 
  • Thrust washers. 
  • Automotive parts. 
Comparison Chart


Essentium HTN (high-temperature nylon) is a PA6-based filament engineered for industrial applications. It exhibits superior mechanical and thermal properties, and improved layer adhesion compared to standard nylons. This is a low-warp, easy to print engineering material perfect for demanding applications. 



High temp nylon. Capable of taking higher temps and has more structural strength. 

  • Custom jigs. 
  • CNC tools. 
  • Vice jaw covers. 
  • Tools organizer. 
  • Electrically insulating components. 
  • Electricals housing. 
  • Low-speed gears and moving parts.  
Comparison Chart


Essentium PLA XTR is specifically designed to solve many of the common issues plaguing current PLA offerings.  


  • Mold work. 
  • Lost foam casting. 
  • Investment casting with molds. 
  • Form and fit.
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