We're on a Mission

EssentiumX is a team dedicated to colliding experimentation and creativity into the future of advanced manufacturing. As partners of the United States government and Department of Defense, our goal is to introduce revolutionary materials and development of new technologies that can provide advantage in every domain. We operate on the edge to bring the next generation of 3D printers and materials to the world.

Rethink what is possible with driven problem solvers prepared to tackle your challenges, both known and unknown.

EssentiumX: We're on a Mission

Ready For Moonshots

From concept to project launch, we specialize in the impossible. Together, our team of scientists, strategists and engineers apply Essentium technology and advanced materials portfolio in new ways to expedite transformation.

EssentiumX develops capabilities in a state-of-the-art eco-system. We use advanced hardware, experimental materials, and cutting-edge software to bring solutions that are not available anywhere else.

EssentiumX: Ready for Moonshot

Our Team

EssentiumX is comprised of experts with backgrounds in advanced material science, design and engineering. We focus on unconventional approaches to additive manufacturing and 3D printing through integration with emerging technologies. We aim to embody agility, expertise, excitement, and acceleration. We believe in the freedom to explore, to provide new opportunities through partnerships, and to trail-blaze pathways to every frontier.

EssentiumX: Our Team

Why Essentium X?

EssentiumX specializes in secure, high-value projects that require advanced materials, joint development, and technology exploration to create next-generation solutions. We help navigate the implementation of advanced manufacturing while exploring opportunities that unlock potential for your organization. We believe in moonshots and so should you.

EssentiumX: Why EssentiumX

Partner With Us

What do you want to explore? We are actively seeking opportunities to partner with entities for long-term research and development, defense industry integration and joint development agreements. Contact us to schedule a meeting and discover what’s possible.

EssentiumX Partner With Us
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